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Писатель "John Lescroart"

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John Lescroart
New York Times bestseller John Lescroart returns with an ambitious, torn-from- today's-headlines thriller featuring his trademark blend of real people and real suspense. John Lescroart's millions of f . . .

The Oath

John Lescroart
"A particularly strong plot." тАУ Los Angeles Times "Topical and full of intrigue." тАУ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Doctor Eric Kensing is living in fear that he is about to be indicted for the death o . . .


John Lescroart
Successful lawyer Mark Dooher has killed his wife of 20 years in order to marry a beautiful young female colleague. But suspicions of his guilt begin to tear his life apart, as the homicide chief gets . . .

The Mercy Rule

John Lescroart
Sal Russo's body is found, with a "Do Not Resuscitate" note. Dismas Hardy finds himself as Graham Russo's defence. How long can Russo protest innocence, when it's discovered Sal wasn't penniless, and . . .

The Second Chair

John Lescroart
The master of the legal thriller delivers a brilliantly suspenseful novel of deadly secrets, privileged youth, and uncertain justiceтАж Dismas Hardy is finally on top: As a managing partner at his thr . . .

A Certain Justice

John Lescroart
When a bar crowd turns into a murderous, racist mob, Kevin Shea tries to do the right thing. He fails, and an innocent black lawyer is lynched. The next day, TV pictures show Shea apparently trying to . . .

A Plague of Secrets

John Lescroart
The first victim is Dylan Vogler, a charming ex-convict who manages the Bay Beans West coffee shop in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district. When his body is found, inspectors discover that his knap . . .

Hard Evidence

John Lescroart
This crackling, authentically drawn courtroom drama finds San Francisco's assistant D.A. Dismas Hardy immersed in not one but two murder trials when he discovers the severed hand of a billionaire insi . . .

Nothing But The Truth

John Lescroart
Lawyer Dismas Hardy is thrown into a panic when his wife fails to turn up to collect their children from school. He discovers that she is being held in jail for contempt of court because she's refusin . . .

Dead Irish

John Lescroart
Dismas Hardy is an ex-cop and bartender at the Little Shamrock, owned by his friend Moses McGuire. When Moses asks him to investigate the alleged suicide of his brother-in-law, Eddie Cochran, Dismas o . . .

Son of Holmes

John Lescroart
John Lescroart offers an engrossing historical mystery that takes us to a small French town in the dark days of World War I-where the rumor is that Auguste Lupa is the son of the greatest detective of . . .

The Vig

John Lescroart
Ex-cop, part-time investigator, and sometime bartender Dismas Hardy returns to face a death threat as he investigates the bloody disappearance of his friend Rusty Ingraham, an investigation that expos . . .