Every Dead Thing
John Connolly, 

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О книге Every Dead Thing John Connolly

тАЬA truly harrowing murder plotтАж An ambitious forayтАжdeep into Hannibal Lecter territoryтАж The extravagantly gifted Connolly, living up to his title, is never too busy for another flashback to BirdтАЩs violent past en route to his final confrontation with the Traveling Man.тАЭ тАУ Kirkus Reviews

тАЬFor me, the best thing about an authorтАЩs first novel is its untarnished honesty. John ConnollyтАЩs EVERY DEAD THING has that reckless intensity. Set against the gritty canvas of a serial killer loose in New York City, John ConnollyтАЩs writing is as lilting and refreshing and as tempestuous as an Irish rainstorm. Warning: DonтАЩt start this book unless you have time to finish it.тАЭ тАУ Paul Lindsay, former FBI agent and author of Witness to the Truth

тАЬClassic American crime fiction; itтАЩs hard to believe that John Connolly was born and raised on the Emerald Isle.тАЭ тАУ amazon.com

тАЬ[A] darkly ingenious debut novelтАж The New Orleanssequence of the novel sing[s]тАж The rural Virginia town is petty, bitter perfection: no mean feat for a native Dubliner. The prose rings of тАЩ40s L.A. noir, ├а la Chandler and Hammett, but the grisly deaths, poetic cops, and psychic episodes set this tale apart.тАЭ тАУ Publishers Weekly (starred review)

тАЬAn ambitious, moral, disturbing tale with a stunning climaxтАж In many ways its terror quotient exceeds that of Thomas HarrisтАЩ great work.тАЭ тАУ The Times (London)

тАЬConnolly writes with confidence, a swaggering self-assurance that is almost breathtaking in a first novel.тАЭ тАУ Dublin Evening Herald (Ireland)

тАЬA debut novel of stunning complexityтАж The tension starts on the first page and continues right through the last, concluding in a dramatic and ambiguous way that could disturb readersтАЩ thoughts for days. A work of fiction that stays with you long after the book is closed is a rare and beautiful thing. This one goes right up there on the yearтАЩs list of the best.тАЭ тАУ St. Petersburg Times (FL)

тАЬA nonstop, action-packed tale that also has a warm side where love and loyalty (not DNA) make a person human.тАЭ тАУ Barnesandnoble.com

тАЬShades of The Silence of the Lambs here-but this debut book by Dubliner Connolly also has echoes of James Crumley, Patricia Cornwell, and Lawrence BlockтАж A terrifying finaleтАж Connolly manages to keep the tension simmering right to the very end.тАЭ тАУ Express Star (UK)

тАЬAbsolutely spellbindingтАж This is not a book for the timid.тАЭ тАУ Naples Daily News (FL)

тАЬA big, meaty, often superbly written novel-astonishing, for a first-time author, in its scope and apparent veracityтАж A book of sudden, horrifying violence and no-holds-barred explicit scene-of-the-crime detailтАж A painstakingly researched crime novel, impressive both in terms of its driven central character [and] its scrupulously evoked geographyтАж Impressive, too, is the superior, topflight prose and sheer momentum of the plot.тАЭ тАУ Tangled Web (UK)

тАЬ[An] exciting, scary, and darkly humorous story that deserves to be a success.тАЭ тАУ Irish News

тАЬA highly intelligent and exciting novel, with almost enough action and story for two books. The grim and grisly events are emotionally balanced by the bookтАЩs dark humor and BirdтАЩs vulnerability.тАЭ тАУ Library Journal

тАЬ[A] stunning debutтАж Painstaking research, superb characterization, and an ability to tell a story thatтАЩs chilling and thought-provoking make this a terrific thriller.тАЭ тАУ The Mirror (UK)

тАЬBrilliantтАж While Thomas HarrisтАЩ Hannibal is the yearтАЩs most anticipated thriller, John ConnollyтАЩs EVERY DEAD THING might just be the bestтАж A real adrenaline rushтАж Simply too good to be missed-or to put down.тАЭ тАУ The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS)

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