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Manufacturing waste from industrial plastics manufacturing is becoming more and more valuable in times involving rising raw materials price ranges and increased environmental smog. Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Gear Co.,Ltd. buys these industrial by-products in addition to turns them into high-quality raw materials which can be used in the auto, construction, furniture and gadgets industries.

In manufacturing complex plastic parts, typically there is approximately a five percentage rejection rate. We buy this production waste, then examines the precise composition and varietal chastity.

Once they pass level of quality control, the single-variety plastic parts are ground, fed in the compounding process and pelletized. The actual result is pellets mainly according to PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12, POM, PP, COMPUTER, and PC-ABS. To achieve this, we reliy in extrusion technology.

Within that plastic twin screw extruders, your ground material is reliably homogenized having additives, fillers and reinforcing resources and devolatilized. To this end, we designed each of these twin screw plastic extruders professionally for market requirements, equipping these individuals with side devolatilization devices and special wear safeguard for product-contact parts.

Following melt discharge from the die head at the end of the extruder’s process section, plastic strands are generally taken over by semiautomatic offerring systems. They are automatically communicated via a cooling water chute including a conveyor belt to your strand pelletizer’s feed instrument, where they are minimize to compounds whose quality corresponds to that particular of new material.

If recycling plastics, it is critical to adapt the practice parameters and recipes into the various raw materials. Making use of their flexibility and high torques, plastic twin screw extruders usually are optimally suited for processing even essentially the most difficult raw materials to top notch product quality – and they do it at throughputs which can be economical.

By devolatilizing, not just are unwanted gases taken out; operational safety of your entire vacuum system is increased. This applies especially for you to even very volatile viscosities.

We’re convinced that being popular is unavoidable to the plastics industry. To that will end, there is still an abundance of room for improvement. Most of us taking an absolutely leading role in plastic twin screw extruder industry. Our concept is not only profitable, it’s sustainable as well.


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