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What I do not understand is: It is the off-hand equal of RuneScape gold this spider wand. It allows players cast spells with the off-hand slot. And, I do not know what"off-hand slot machine" means. Well as I'm sure you've noticed players can dual wield weapons today. Previously (like in pre-Evolution of Combat) other than 2 handed weapons that your only choices were to use a one handed weapon with a shield or a marginally offensive shield slot thing such as a Defender or a God book, but they were still shields in concept. So now you have an excess choice - you can wield a weapon and a shield for extra defensive bonuses (and may use a couple shield only defensive/constitution abilities) or you can dual wield weapons.

Dual wielding is much more offensively focused of course, and it's slightly better than using 2handed weapons because you get somewhat superior abilities. That is why most men and women prefer using dual crossbows rather than a 2handed crossbow or bow, and a wand + the defense slot offensive weapon equivalent (usually orbs like the Spider Orb) instead of staves (except in some specific situations where you should risk just 1 thing ).

So it's the equivalent of this Spider Wand because it has the exact same tier, it is the fitting off-hand offensive weapon of the Spider Wand. At your level you can probably buy and wield Batwing btw, which is even better and it is super cheap also.

Warpriest is the best armour in F2p but it's only obtainable by members... unless you participated in the event several months ago which I doubt. It maxes out in grade 2 in f2p (had been nerfed by Jagex), so it isn't actually the best armor in most states. It's still possible to find adequate hybrid armor though, the ghost hunter armor (w/e it's called) is just as good and you can get it from killing ghosts.

I believed it maxed out in tier 50. Best f2p hybrid vehicle armour like he stated was dragonstone, that can be tier 60. Incidentally a World Event is coming this summer (May or June I believe) so you should have the ability to grab some warpriest then. The last time you might get warpriest was early 2014. I meant tier two or three tiers or whatever, don't understand the lingo, just an 07 participant dropping by. Warpriest armour is dreadful F2P. It is tier 50 however, the stats are inferior to old school runescape buy gold another grade 50'tank' armours because of being hybrid armour.

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