Do not get me wrong though

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Obviously, as loyal players of this sport for OSRS gold many years, we don't desire Runescape to be a single-player sport, even when it has to do with activity. We want Runescape to return to its glory of the 100,000 player times. Anything else is too gloomy. So how exactly does Runescape retain its attractiveness? Well, the solution to this is not too easy. If it were it would have already been done. Lots of the advancement ideas floating around in my view won't be the magic bullet to Runescape's problems. I of course have ideas of my own but I will save them for another editorial. In the meantime, I expect we can get back to fishing rocktails and mining ores without having to be concerned about searching for coffins to our personalities. For now, anyhow.

Do not get me wrong though, I'm not whining about that. If I wished to put in the effort to make my accounts aggressive, I would, however, I do not really see the monetary gain from it. PKing someone would net me, if I am really fortunate, a few drygores. That's supposing I find somebody skulled, smite their prayer, and (this is the important part) really kill them. I am not great with chaining skills, but they will likely outclass me in that as well. I'd rather sit at KK with some buddies and kill it 30 days in 90 minutes and pick up my 1 drygore out of that. The only part I'd like about PvP is the delight of this , but I get a lot of that from PvM that I don't feel like I am missing it. Good question though, I'm interested to see other answers.

The New Skill: Archaeology

So, have you heard about the Archaeology skill? You probably have -- it's, after all, been the worst kept secret of 2019. But the pleasure is that there is so much more to RuneScape gold buy talk about.