Well, I have lost the energy to sort.

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Well, I have lost the energy to sort. Bear in mind, you'll need to level alot of subscription abilities before you can do any of those quests or wear some of the items I have listed previously, Most of RS gold My list is for the very long term before you, A little into your membership Life. Hope I helped, I am Out.

You should acquire abyssal whip, it is that the"fundamental" weapon in members, costing approximately 1,5M and having 70 attack. For armor get dragon skirt, granite body, and dragon med helm, coming to a total of around 300k, I know this set looks bad but its the best option until you get more money. For money, go into 19-23 wilderness together with dragonfire protect, in southern wildy is green dragon pit, then kill people for bones and hides. For ring slot, purchase ring of riches, to boost rare drops, amulet is glory amulet, till you get 3,3M to get fury amulet, cape should be obsidian cape initially, for boots, purchase dragon for 370k or rune for 40k.

Fremennik isles quest rewards you with a great helmet adding all sorts of bonuses. For different quests, do those that unlock new teleports such as watchtower, ardougne etc.. You also need to start fairy tale part 2, this gives you access to the most significant teleporting system in the game, which makes travel much simpler. Tree gnome village provides access to spirit trees, there are 4 of them in useful areas, they teleport into eachother. The expansive tree pursuit gives entry to gnome gliders, yet another helpful way to get around. What should I wear? I have a range mage accounts and I dont klnow what I should use to appear great in and things to train within my stats are...

I want to have something which loks great for just doing skills like fishing cooking mineing smithing ect. . Also I want a fantastic set of equipment for coaching. I currentally'm traing at a spot where no ever is and I can make decent money so im not planning to give position. Cash is prob atm although not for long I've 43 coal and 4 uncuts saphs, 3 emeralds 3 rubies and 2 dimonds together with alot of buy RuneScape gold runes so im thinking the budget around 100k to 300k is great. Im f2p by the way. Also what range/mage lvl should I receive my def around 40?