NBA 2K21 features, new and old

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For this writing, there hasn't been much released about what is fresh in MT 2K21. Despite its launch being less than a month off, very little has really been revealed regarding what we could anticipate. While nothing has been said about it, my guess is how that the company focused a lot more on the next-gen models that will release later in year. Along with the next-gen variations is where you'll observe the authentic advancement.

"We didn't want to unveil too much stuff now with new ways, but something I will say is that fans of the WNBA are going to be quite excited for what we are bringing to the table with following gen," NBA 2K21 Gameplay Director Mike Wang said in a QA on NBA 2KTV.

In its Courtside Report upgrade, 2K says pay star Damian Lillard made some suggestions to enhance the game.

The Guru Stick has been a staple of 2K basketball for decades now, and for Buy NBA 2K Coins the most part, has mostly gone awry since its inception. For NBA 2K21, we watched this as a large opportunity to freshen up the game on the offensive end. In previous games, you can hold the Pro Stick in any direction to have a jump shot. This was restricting us from using the right stick as a fully featured dribble stick. So this year, we're making a pretty substantial change to the way the Guru Stick works.

You will also be able to play it on your PC via Steam. The video game will also be available on PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection X at launch when these consoles release.