Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas, will be released on PC on January 15

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In a live broadcast on Twitch not long ago, the developer Grinding Gear Games announced the next expansion of "Road to Escape", "Echoes of Atlas". The release of new content is quite fast and will be released to PC on the 15th next week, while the host player will wait until the 20th.

They introduced the "World Atlas" as a progress guide for the last expansion. In this new expansion, there are new bosses to fight, new maps to explore, and a new NPC (called The Envoy) to guide you forward. Maven is the focus of the POE Currency new expansion. She will provide you with a lighthouse for you to summon her to watch during battle. After showing you the ability to kill, she will bring you a special challenge: the cloned boss you have fought, from four bosses to a staggering ten bosses, and finally through the battle with The Maven reach the peak.

Not only that, but also announced a new Atlas passive skill tree, which is separate from the extremely complex skill tree of Way of Exile. Passive skills are not directly related to the power of the character, but can help players get more benefits from marginal activities, such as the mechanism of Harvest League. This allows players to essentially choose the game they want to play and keep improving.

Appearing alongside Echoes of the Atlas is a new challenge alliance called Ritual Leage. This new alliance is stumbling on altars around the world. Kill the monsters near the altar and reactivate the altar itself to Buy POE Orbs resurrect the enemy in a more powerful version-and deal with the power of the altar itself in the process.

Completing these rituals will unlock more powerful rituals in the future and unlock tribute points. These points can be used for etiquette rewards, such as Nexus gloves that can reduce mana, but there is a chance to refund the mana you spent on skills. The live broadcast embedded below will introduce in more detail what players can expect from the Echoes of the Ritual Alliance and Atlas. The latest expansion of Path of Exile will be released next week, landing on PC on January 15th and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 20th.

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