I am using different MMOs compared points to wrap my mind around it, but that I might just be babbling at this point.

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Wonder if they will have some thing very similar to meseta pso2 people, or maybe something like the spouse machine in PSU.I believe it was mentioned somewhere that mags do still exist in NGS, but they do not serve the same functionality as PSO2. You'll notice they don't define that mags no more exist, just that the extra mag tickets of PSO2 won't confer the specific same advantages in NGS (implying they will still do some thing ). I believe Mags are probably going to be an elective to be shown on NGS, I trust that Mags are perhaps like a Cortana AI or a Destiny Guide miniature bot thingy probably that might choose to look from nowhere or may be visible at all times. If they can innovate Mag or maybe create Mag something more safer to invest points in unlike current PSO2 Mag feeding, then it is going to be fine. I can imagine the Mag could just be just like a way for broadcasts from the navigator (or other characters) to the player and as a result a sort of cosmetic role of that.

Otherwise if we did have interactive items in the surroundings I can definitely imagine the Mag could just be a floating backpack of sorts that could conveniently hold our stock if it had been visible in gameplay. Although Mags within PSO2: NGS do not affect your stats or aid you in battle, Evolution Apparatus data from PSO2 will take over. It might be then they will be accessories or something, similar to how the Marron balloons just float close to you.

Regardless of head parts option selected, body, arm, leg components from both PSO2 and PSO2:NGS are available to equip. Nonetheless, arm, body, and leg components out of PSO2 and PSO2:NGS cannot be equipped together at precisely the same time.Correct. CASTS can't mix and match old and new parts. You cannot mix and match base/outerwear involving old and new. Unfortunate but somewhat understandable. At least all of the wings, thrusters, Airplane chests, wheels, long cannons, and many others will be usable as accessories on both the old and NGS parts.

Thanks for playing Phantasy Star Online 2! We are very happy to announce that we have received a great deal of positive responses and questions regarding PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS. IMO the port is in this weird state where yeah it is pretty dang bad and almost no one enjoys it, but we have learned to deal with it. Manage it. If it gets at least a near total revamp (which it can get, when it gets any improvement) then we'll have to re-learn almost evening about it that will probably loose a few veterans and buyouts. For the individuals who worry about not mixing or matching fashion items, they will nevertheless be left through the brand new engine and they will look totally fine (better than current PSO2 images ( but worse than NGS costumes) during normal gameplay.

Excellent to find out more information on this! However, I only have one question. Outfits and parts aside, how do body/head/face proportions carry over? Are they affected at all other than a better appearance? I invested a great deal of buy PSO2 Meseta time putting together a Kohri cosplay, and I'd hate to see it altered when moving between worlds. This is some great news, and glad to see we've got some clarity on cosmetics. Will the ms shop finaly be usable then?

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